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Mental Health Crisis Services Avnei Chein
Avnei Chein provides real-time advocacy and support from the darkest moments of a mental health crisis until individuals and their families are ready to flourish on their own.  Our caring, confidential and professional staff will provide guidance and support, every step of the way.
Mental Health Crisis Support

Crisis Support

Avnei Chein’s  professional Crisis Support Team is equipped in mental health crisis management and can be contacted day or night. We are here to navigate individuals and their families, hand in hand through the complex social welfare, mental health and justice systems to ensure that individualized care is successfully provided as quickly and effectively as possible.

Family Support

לע”נ אברהם נתן ז”ל בן דניאל נחום בנימין

In the event of a crisis Avnei Chein’s team of trained volunteers supports families by sending in our crisis support managers to assess the needs of the family.  These range anywhere from sibling mentoring/tutoring, organizing transportation to medical facilities, ensuring meals and groceries are in the house to a wide range of  specific requirements for each individual family. Due to the intense focus on the person in crisis, in many cases the rest of the family’s needs are not even considered.  Even if it is, this support is often unavailable. Avnei Chein ensures that this crucial support is in place so that the family structure stays intact.


Family & Sibling Therapy

Often, family members of the person in crisis find themselves in trauma due to the harrowing experiences they or their loved ones are facing.  Family, sibling or individual therapy may be overlooked.  Avnei Chein ensures that any family member in need of counseling and/or therapy will receive the support they need via one of our partner organizations.

Legal Support

There are many complex legal issues related to mental health.  Families are often caught off guard in legal “no-win” situations, and require immediate legal counsel.  Obtaining legal advice from competent advisors is difficult – and extremely expensive. Avnei chein guides clients in accessing emergency legal consultation and services.

Mental Health Awareness, Advocacy, Training

Awareness, Advocacy, Training

Although mental health disorders affect a minimum of 10% of the population across Israel, sadly stigma still permeates many communities. This severe lack of understanding  causes increased anguish for the victims and their families as well as reluctance to seek treatment .

Avnei Chein seeks to educate the medical community, local Rabbis, community leaders, teachers and  the general public about the unique issues surrounding mental health. Our goal is  to provide easier access to support while creating understanding and compassion within the community at large.

Mental Health Volunteers Avnei Chein

Mentors and Volunteers

Therapists, social workers and psychiatrists are simply not accessible 24/7.

Avnei Chein’s team of trained mentors – with specialized areas of focus – are available to support  individuals or family members in crisis.  Volunteers are  called upon to aid in providing family support in an emergency.

Unprecedented Network of Professionals 

The Avnei Chein difference: 

We are developing an unprecedented network of multi-disiplinary professionals and organizational partners – to be contacted for immediate guidance in a crisis. 

Next Phase - Help Us Make It Happen:

Financial Support

Everyone should have the right to access the treatment they require. 

Avnei Chein will help subsidize immediate emergency treatment costs and counseling, when no other options are available. Ensuring that individuals have access to mental healthcare can improve lives and communities.

Your generous donation can dramatically reduce or eliminate the risks of suicide, legal issues, family conflict, employment issues, substance abuse, and further mental and physical health problems.

Donate Now and Save Lives.


Emergency Shelter – Home

In too many cases, an individual may not shelter in place due to safety issues, and yet, are not a candidate for hospitalization.  This situation often occurs suddenly and without warning.  Shelters and appropriate housing programs can take a very long time to be processed and accessed.

Avnei Chein is striving to develop non-hospital, temporary housing for individuals who are not in a life threatening situation, but do require an immediate place to stay.  This may also include a shelter for family members of those suffering with a mental health event. 

Mental Health and Free Will event
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