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People in crisis often require support with “the little things” in life.  Our team of volunteers help us to provide a wide array of support.

Volunteer for Avnei Chein.

Avnei Chein Lectures: Free Will and Mental Health

We recognize how hard it may be to cope with “the little things” in life especially during times of crisis . 

In addition to the many professional mental health crisis support services we provide, Avnei Chein also aims to make sure the family is taken care of in this critical time, in order to support healing and recovery from the crisis.  Our team of volunteers  are committed to assisting families in many ways, such as preparing nutritious and warm meals, providing baby sitting, help with household management, and other activities to ensure the family can put all their energy into resolving the crisis at hand.

Due to the sensitivity often required in supporting families in a mental health crisis, volunteers will often provide their help in a discreet fashion or completely anonymously.  Volunteer Training will be required (and provided) for some activities.

Our volunteers are managed by Rebbetzin Judy Green.  If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, in any capacity, please complete the form below.

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Mental Health and Free Will event
Date: Sunday February 21
Time: 7:15 pm – Israel
12:15 pm – EST  
5:15 pm – UK