Mental Health Crisis Support & Advocacy Services.

People and family members will no longer suffer alone.

The mental health “system” and related services create a confusing and bureaucratic black hole.

The services are disconnected from each other, leaving the public without a clear navigation path to healing. There is an enormous knowledge gap regarding the availability of services, the needs and rights of people suffering in a moment of crisis and the needs and rights of their families.

Our goal is to create a service that will advocate, guide, and accompany clients and families through the initial dark moments of crisis to the point where they can survive and flourish independently.

Our Service Partners

Avnei Chein does not intent to offer mental health services, counselling or therapies. Rather, our goal is to help clients find qualified services that already exist, ensure they are made available to them, and ensure seamless and equitable service delivery.

Below are just some of the organizations we work with:

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